Daily/Weekly Activities

Each day students attend classes focused on the core subject areas; Math, Science, English, History and Physical Education. High school classrooms are departmentalized, so students move with their homeroom cohort from class to class, escorted by staff members.  Younger classrooms are self-contained for most subjects with the exception of art, music, OT, and PE.

Group Therapy sessions occur three times a week in the classrooms, and Individual Therapy time is based on the student’s stipulated IEP minutes and the student’s needs.  Occupational Therapy groups and individual OT services are provided as indicated in the student’s IEP.  Speech and Language Pathology services are also available and provided for students with Speech Therapy minutes in their IEP.

Connections Academy East also has a full time Music Therapist & Art Therapist that meet with students individually and/or in groups regularly.  

Our Registered Therapy Dog, Sophie,  joins us each day as well and is also available upon request.

Entering the School

Students arrival time begins at 8:15 a.m.  Our morning arrival procedures are put in place for the safety of of the children. Check in procedures include checking their belongings, ensuring safety of their person, and assessing their readiness to learn.  It is unsafe for our children to enter the building in the morning from the parking lot while vehicles are moving through this area so all students are dropped off by by bus, cab, or parents at the students entrance.  Staff members are there to greet students upon arrival and monitor their safety walking into the building.


Lunch is provided by Organic Life Food Services each day. Students are not permitted to bring their own lunch unless a doctor provides a written note for a medical condition.


Students dismissal time is 2:30 p.m. and students are escorted by their teachers for dismissal. During dismissal, students are walked to their transportation by staff members. When picking up your child, we ask that parents please do not stand in front of the doors and instead meet your child at the designated spot for his or her class.

Early Release Thursdays.

Every Thursday students release at 1:30 p.m. while we work to improve the student’s experience through staff development.