Group Therapy

In addition to individual therapy, part of the comprehensive treatment plan at The Connections Organization Schools involves group therapy.  This process promotes student development through various advantages found in the group setting including: allowing students to receive the support and encouragement of other group members promoting a sense of belonging in the classroom; some students can serve as role models for other group members offering different perspectives and success stories; and the group setting allows the group therapist to see how each student responds in social situations.  

All students are provided with several weekly group therapy periods within the students’ homerooms. These groups focus on various relevant topics including but not limited to: the development of social skills, management of and coping with difficult emotional experiences, development of life skills (Circle of Courage), problem-solving/decision-making processes, mindfulness and relaxation techniques, inclusion and acceptance, and stress-management skills. Students also rotate through the various specialty groups throughout the week: Art Therapy, Music Appreciation, and Drug & Alcohol Education. There are also specialized pull-out groups for our students with identified needs: Substance Abuse, Family (Substance Abuse) Issues, Chosen Stars (for adopted & foster children), Guys’/Girls’ specific issues group, and Grief & Loss. Various other groups may be developed to meet the specific needs of any particular group of students.