Occupational Therapy

“Occupational therapists support a student’s ability to participate in desired daily school activities or ‘occupations;.  They help children to fulfill their role as students by supporting their academic achievement and promoting positive behaviors necessary for learning.  School occupational therapists (and occupational therapy assistants, under the supervision of the occupational therapist) support academic and non-academic outcomes, including social skills, math, reading and writing (i.e., literacy), behavior management, recess, participation in sports, self-help skills, prevocational/vocational participation, transportation, and more.

    -American Occupational Therapy Association

Occupational Therapy in the school setting has the opportunity to help children become more functional in their environments.  Here at Connections Academy East, students have access to tools and equipment as well as specific programming that supports motor development as well as sensory and emotional regulation.  Working with and educating everyone on the student’s team (including parents), not only helps with carry-over of OT goals across settings but is an integral part of our process.

While evaluations are done individually, services are provided in many different ways.  Treatment can be individual, in small groups (2-3 students), or in the classroom group (up to 10 students) and can take place in multiple settings including the OT room, the classroom, the cafeteria, on the playground, or in PE.

Whether or not students receive direct or indirect services, we ensure that interventions are relevant to the needs of the individual students’ daily routine and work towards improved independence and success within the school environment.