Related Services

A great deal of extra assistance is provided to help the students make progress in the general curriculum including providing breaks within the classroom, creating instruction with interwoven kinesthetic activities to provide for these children’s need for movement, as well as trained staff in sensory integration techniques in order to proactively disperse the sensory activities throughout the day.

Due to the nature of the student’s needs, a full continuum of related services is available including Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Substance Abuse Therapy, Psychological Counseling, Psychiatric and Psychological Consultation, and School Health Services.  Students will receive (on an individual basis) related services as delineated by their IEP.  All students receive bi-weekly Art, and Music group and students from 7th thru 12th grade receive bi-weekly Substance Abuse Therapy.  Students may also receive individual Substance Abuse Therapy as noted during their intake interview due to use of (non-prescription) alcohol or substances.  Based on Individual Therapist recommendation, students can also participate in Art & Music therapy on an individual basis in conjunction with group therapy.

Each student has an individual therapist who sees the student once or twice per week (as delineated on the IEP) or more often if necessary and who also acts as the primary liaison to the family.  Students have group therapy three days a week, which takes place in the classroom with an assigned therapist and High school students can earn ½ credit towards their elective requirement every semester through personal development.  Students are assigned to appropriate group therapies based on the recommendation of their therapist and their school district.  The primary therapists at Connections Academy East also has available the resource of outside program consultants with expertise in a wide variety of issues related to child and adolescent development.  Connections Academy East emphasizes the incorporation of the family in the treatment of the student.  Therapist routinely offer family therapy to students on their caseload.  If families are interested in this service, accommodations are made into scheduling of appointments.

In accordance with federal and state law, CAE does not predetermine any student’s needs by disability identification.  In partnership with our districts, we have found that students in several disability areas can benefit from our program.  Disabilities we serve include Emotional and Behavioral Disability, Autism, Specific Learning Disability, Traumatic Brain Injury, Other Health Impairment, Intellectual Disability and Pervasive Developmental Delay.  Each student’s need for academic instruction and related services is determined by the IEP team.  Students will be placed in the most challenging academic courses appropriate to their skill level.  No student will be assigned a related service based on disability category.  Every student will be provided every related service called for on the IEP.  Related services are all done “in house” by our qualified staff at no charge to the parents.