Speech/Language Pathology Services at Connections Academy East

The speech/language pathologist conducts evaluations and treatment of communication disorders in individuals.  The areas addressed include receptive and expressive language (understanding information and expressing ideas in both oral and written modalities), pragmatics (social language), verbal reasoning and executive function (higher order thinking skills), articulation (speech intelligibility and precision of production of sounds), vocal quality, fluency disorders (stuttering), and swallowing disorders.   In this school population, the most frequently addressed areas are receptive and expressive language, social language, reasoning and executive function skills, and intelligibility.

Testing is conducted individually, but treatment may occur individually, in small groups of 2-4, or in large groups (classroom).  Treatment may be delivered outside or inside the classroom.  

A speech/language pathologist must have a master’s degree in the field, certification from the American Speech – Language – and Hearing Association, and must have a license from the state.  

Collaboration with teachers, therapists, and parents is an important part of the role of speech/language pathologists, and a team approach is optimal!