District Testimonials

Connections Academy East offers wonderful programs with exceptional therapeutic supports that help students flourish. Over the years, I have found working with CAE to be seamless and greatly appreciate all they do to support students and districts.

Connections Academy East and New Connections Academy East are great resources for our district. The structure and therapeutic supports offered allow our students to overcome obstacles and meet their goals in a community of peers. CAE and NCAE do a great job of preparing our students to successfully return to their home schools and integrate into community or vocational settings. In addition, the staff are always willing to brainstorm creative solutions and partner with the district to best support students.

Our school district has utilized many of the resources that Connections Academy East offers including: case study evaluations, specialized evaluations, therapeutic day school placements, diagnostic setting placements, and various consultative services.  The staff and program are not only highly successful at providing specialized and therapeutic services to meet the needs of the students and families, but they are also incredibly efficient.  The teams are collaborative, organized, personable, and direct.  CAE has been a private therapeutic setting that Lake County is lucky to have access to!  Our district wants to thank the CAE team for their continued partnership.

Connections Academy East is fantastic!  I am always confident that my students and their families will be treated with great care and respect by the CAE staff.  The academic and therapeutic programs are also very flexible and strong, enabling my students to make progress toward graduation and their personal goals.  

Our students who have attended Connections Academy East have benefited from an excellent therapeutic and educational program designed to meet their needs.  Communication with the administration and staff is on-going and staff is always willing to meet with parents and district administration when needed for any reason.  CAE continues to be a great placement resource available to our students.

As a district, the Connections Academy East Team (CAE) has been instrumental in working collaboratively with our students to increase self-esteem and awareness, social skills, self-advocacy and many other skills necessary for real-world situations.Their dedication and focus to post-secondary goals, including participation in their home school setting, has resulted in our students achieving at their highest potential.

The staff at Connections Academy East strives to meet the individual needs of students on a regular basis.  I am impressed by the staff’s ability to develop positive partnerships with individual students, as well as families.  As a district representative, I appreciate the strong communication practices in place with the student’s home district.