is what you’re capable of doing.


determines what you do.


determines how well you do it.

-Lou Holtz


The mission of CONNECTIONS ACADEMY EAST  is to integrate school, family and community in order to provide the highest quality academic and therapeutic programs.  Our programs are designed to enable students to become successful learners through promoting the students’ sense of belonging, mastery, generosity and independence.  Our ultimate goal is for students to learn how to use their strengths to overcome their challenges, in order to persevere in life.  

One of our most valued steps in this process is for students to be supported as they work toward a successful transition to a less restrictive academic environment.  We treat each student as an individual when we design criteria to meet this transition goal and move toward our three main programmatic outcomes: (1) students’ attendance is maintained at  90% on a monthly average, (2) students increase their ability to advocate for their needs and manage their emotional experiences and (3) students meet or exceed Individualized Education Plan goals as created by the team. 

The Connections Academy East staff are diligent about collecting the most up to date and detailed data regarding the students’ goals in order to measure progress and identify when treatment plans need modification.  

Daily attendance records are reviewed by the student’s team on a weekly basis to identify any patterns of excessive absences hindering the learning process and academic success.  The team meets regularly to determine what interventions can be implemented to assist the student in being successful in achieving the 90% monthly attendance rate. In addition, the student’s team tracks data related to emotional and behavioral challenges using  level systems, point sheets, a goal-tracking system, and reports regarding additional resources needed to support any disruptive behaviors. . This data is reviewed regularly to determine if additional interventions need to be implemented.  

Our Power School system holds the academic and social/emotional IEP goals, which guide our treatment plans and interventions.  Data collected for meeting or exceeding IEP goals is collected through a variety of resources including but not limited to: classroom observations, student point sheets, classroom assignments, homework assignments, student work samples, curriculum based assessments, therapy case notes, and therapeutic reports/summaries.  

Our thorough data collection and analyzation process results in the development and implementation of flexible and creative interventions for our students.  The students’ experiences of positive outcomes are of utmost importance to us, and we are dedicated to their future success.