Parent Testimonials

My son came to CAE at the end of his second grade school year, making the move to CAE has been the best thing to happen to him socially, emotionally and academically. He really struggled in the public school system to fit into the norm. At CAE they gave him what he needed to succeed. He is an honor roll student and overall a happy kid now. He no longer carries the stress of having to go to public school and sit behind a desk for 7 hours a day. The entire staff at CAE made him feel welcome and accepted. Through CAE’s program and accommodations he has flourished as a person and as a successful student.

Prior to CAE, our son was dreading going to school, didn’t have many friends, had low self-esteem and did not feel he was accomplishing anything in the classroom. Our son had many accommodations at his school, but those made him stand out even more, in a negative way, because hardly anyone else in his school had such accommodations. While the teachers were aware of what our son needed and how he learned, the kids didn’t understand him at all.

When the opportunity came for our son to go to a school like CAE, we brought him with us so he could tour the different schools and be a part of the decision. As soon as we walked into CAE, we all knew that CAE would be the perfect fit for him! While it did take a while for our son to adjust to this new school environment, he started reaching goals and earning points. He took right to the teachers and therapists that worked with him. They understood him and were able to accommodate most anything he needed to feel safe and successful. CAE is a place where our son doesn’t feel like an outsider because everyone there has their own challenges that they are working on along with their own accommodations.

As parents, we couldn’t see our son anywhere else. The communication between his teachers, therapists and us is very much appreciated. Our son does not dread going to school, nor does he come home after school feeling defeated.

I cannot begin to express the deep gratitude I have for the administrators, teachers and staff members at CAE. Connections Academy has been an incredible partner in helping our child grow and learn. Every staff member has shown great interest in her welfare and it is clear the IEP is working as planned. We’ve seen huge improvement in our child since she started the program, she has grown dramatically, and we’re very certain CAE has set her up to be successful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Our family was introduced to CAE three years ago at a time when our son’s behaviors were extremely sporadic, unpredictable and difficult to engage/keep in the classroom setting. CAE has excellent resources and accommodations to support students like our son. However, it is not the tools, sensory rooms, break areas, visual schedules or other accommodations at the school that won us over - it’s the staff!

The staff at CAE embraced our son with open arms and have never batted an eye when times get tough, not only for our son, but also for us as his parents. The entire staff goes above-and-beyond to support their students. They acknowledge every student with an overflow of care and concern even when a student is just walking in the hall to get to their next class (which was heartfelt to witness).

If we had to sum up how we feel about CAE in two words, it would be “unconditional support”. This school (and more so the staff) show an abundance amount of support to their students (and parents), and because of their never-ending efforts, we have seen tremendous growth in our son…

Our prayers were answered when we reached the doors of CAE.

Volo, IL

I would love to say thank you for all the thelp that the staff provides for not only one child but all the kids that attend CAE.

Thank you and with much love,

Thank you to everyone here at cAE for your patience and dedication.

I am so blessed for my daughter to be a student here. Every single staff member is amazing and truly care about the students. Thank you all soooo much!

Thank you to everyone who helps out with my son. He has grown up so much here and we are so proud of him. I know he could not have done it without everyone at CAE.

Thank you so much for all you do. My daughter is a completely different little girl now compared to when she started here. We always knew she was in there but now the world gets to see the girl that we love so much. She has a new found excitement to learn and grow. She feels safe and loved and pushed to be better - always. We thank you more than you will ever know.

Thank you all for everything you do everyday to make learning fun and providing a structured, safe environment for my son.

Mundelein Family