Therapeutic Day Defined….

Our mission is to integrate school, family, and community in order to provide the highest quality academic and therapeutic programs.  As a therapeutic day school we provide both specialized therapy and individualized educational services to students, with the goal of positively contributing to their physical, social-emotional, and academic development.  

We are a Therapeutic Day School providing a uniquely designed, student-centered, collaborative environment.  Such an environment seeks to meet students at their level in order to ladder upon abilities and learning experiences. A low student-teacher ratio affords us the opportunity to provide highly specialized educational and counseling support for optimal student growth. Uniquely designed instruction and behavioral supports, along with counseling, sensory and language supports are some of the components that characterize the daily world in the life of a child within the therapeutic day setting.  

We recognize the invaluable contributions of parents as team members in designing supports for their children whom they know best.  Students and families are provided with a variety of tools, strategies and skills designed to help students make progress developmentally and to uncover and build upon their unique strengths, talents and gifts.